Our Approach

The most important aspect of the process of obtaining Golden Visa residency and investing in Portugal is to work with a reliable and transparent law firm to ensure that all aspects of the process are handled in a hassle-free, and efficient manner. To achieve this consistently, we have partnered exclusively with CCA, a multi-disciplinary law firm, which all Golden Visa Portugal Limited’s Partners personally deal with and who have been known to us for many years.

Key Features of our Partnership:

  • Our strategic partnership with CCA is based upon the common values of reliability, honesty, thorough due diligence checks on properties for Golden Visa eligibility, and a customer-centric approach to service delivery.
  • The partnership between Golden Visa Portugal Limited and CCA provides the perfect blend of experience to serve Asia-based clientele – our personal experience as Asia-based investors and new arrivals to Portugal, coupled with CCA’s local expertise, positions us perfectly to provide a one-stop shop for all legal, tax and immigration matters that our clients are likely to face.
  • CCA are a multi-disciplinary law firm that have over 70 years of international and, more importantly, local experience. They are located in the heart of the historic business district of Lisbon with a team of more than 50 lawyers.
  • Through Golden Visa Portugal Limited, our clients can access fixed price legal services for immigration, real estate and tax advisory services with CCA which means there will be no hidden charges or extra costs down the line.
  • The Golden Visa Portugal Limited team’s personal experience of moving to Portugal, coupled with CCA’s local legal expertise, also ensures we can help our client’s take full advantage of the numerous tax benefits on offer to expatriates and investors.

    These include:

    • The Non-Habitual Residence (NHR) Scheme. This scheme was introduced in 2009 and, with proper advice, Asia and International based clientele can enjoy tax exemption on many forms of foreign sourced income for 10 years, when they become permanent residents in Portugal.
    • Tax-Exemption on all Foreign Sourced Income with the Golden Visa if you remain ordinarily resident in your country of origin. The only real taxes you would be liable for, are purchase / stamp duty costs ( See our Tax Calculator ) , and local income tax on a rental property should you decide to rent it.
    • Serious Note: If your process is handled incorrectly it can create a legal , personal and financial nightmare, which is why we have a tried and tested team dedicated to this.

      We have watched examples of investors and expatriates being wrongly advised by local property agents, lawyers and investment firms, and later on they have ended up with a large and unnecessary tax liability, legal complications or even a denial of their Golden Visa.

      This often occurs through buying an incorrect investment property. One of our founders went through many of these negative experiences, this is what motivated him to create this company and prevent others from doing so.

  • Together, we ensure a one-stop shop to provide a smooth transition into Portugal whether your goal is to make sound property investments to secure your family or to move to Portugal on a full-time basis.

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